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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Is the Pope Catholic???

The Sindo asking the pertinent question as always.
3 articles worth checking out -
Eoghan Harris, Liam Collins and Declan Lynch

Collins analyzes the Church as an organisation trying to survive in the world - "But why then do these secular/pagan/agnostic types insist on preaching to those who actually practise their faith that they need a "liberal" Pope who will abandon some of the church's basic rules.....What do they want, some sort of Fr Dougal who believes the whole charade was set up to give him a cushy number? Do they want a Garda Commissioner who doesn't believe in law and order, a Fianna Fail TD who doesn't want to be a Minister or a Kilkenny hurling manager who does not want to win the All-Ireland?.....There has also been considerable tut-tutting at Cardinal Connell's support for Pope Benedict's assertions of the "primacy" of the Catholic Church. What do they want him to do, tell people there are better religions? Would they expect Alex Ferguson of Manchester Utd or the people of Kerry to go around saying, "well, we're not really the best" when it comes to football? They wouldn't. It's the Pope's job to sell Roman Catholicism just as it's Bertie Ahern's business to tell the people that Fianna Fail is the true party....For most people, the decision is simple: you are either a Catholic and you try to abide by the teaching of the church you attend. Or you don't. Apart from those with no beliefs, we're all a-la-carte in our religious beliefs. But if you no longer patronise the restaurant, why campaign to change the menu?"

Lynch - "I was a Ratzinger man, through and through. Not for any fancy theological reasons, or even because of the Sixties, but for this perfectly simple reason: the Pope is a Catholic. Or at least, he should be.
Life is complicated enough, and if anything helps to clarify the situation, I am basically in favour of it. Ratzinger, as far as I can gather, is saying nothing that hasn't been straightforward Catholic doctrine, down through the ages........For example, if you had a teenage son, which would you prefer: to see him on a reality TV show, having drunken sex in a dark room? Or to see him live on Sky News, celebrating wildly with another young man wearing a baseball cap, going mad with joy as it is announced that Joseph Ratzinger is the new Pope? Which of these?
Just think about it."



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