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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Girls who want boys who like boys to be girls.....

City Journal is one of my quartery must reads. Stanley Kurtz has good summary of the whole boy-not-like-girl debate that was recently reignited by Larry Summers.

Girls and Boys by Blur (title line of post) was a song that I used to love that now irritates me intensely - but I still like the line "love in the 90s is paranoid"....watching Ally McBeal repeat at the moment and am struck by her outmodedness - apart from how much fashion has changed from the 90s, her ideas on men and women are so paranoid - relationships war zone in unisex bathrooms. It's not the "are there no good men out there?" questions of Carrie Bradshaw who at least grasps male/female difference at some level - Ally just wants boys who like girls to be boys who do girls (ad nausem)... in short skirts with whiny country-pop in a vortex of after-work dancing. Thank God for Desperate Housewives - but am I the only one who is disappointed every week because the whole murder mystery thing is not progressing at all????


Blogger Editor said...

It is a reference to AIDS. With the double meaning follow up-
"On Sunny Beaches,
Take Your Chances
On Holiday"

May 08, 2005 10:12 a.m.  

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