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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Water is Wide....

....and the value differences even wider...Interesting article from this month's Commentary by Arthur Waldron - Europe's Crisis: "It is easy to be amused by the actually existing European Union altogether, with its grandiose yet undistinguished buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg, its shameless feather-bedding and extravagant entertainment and conference budgets, side by side with its political haplessness, military weakness, book-length constitution, and reflexive habit of impotently wagging a finger across the Atlantic while ignoring Russia, China, the Middle East, and its own competing nationalisms and dysfunctional economies"

I believe the onus is not on America to become less warmongering, capitalist, vulgar, wrong or whatever else us Europeans bandy at them but for Europeans to reflect on our values and lack thereof. America's strong central tenets of democracy, free speech etc etc are not matched here and we seem to shy away from any real debate on what binds the European Union. Is there anything more than a union based on being the anti-USA?


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