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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Firstly, much as I love to attack Myers for his self indulgent ranting, I don't actually think I can add much to Assumptious' post, which was balanced and wise.

Secondly, the guy has printed a grovelling apology in the IT today. Clearly even he realised that he had gone too far, and the self preservation instinct kicked in. To what extent this mea culpa is sincere it is hard to tell.

Of course, the upshot is that debate over the lone parent allowance is dead, single handedly slain by Kevin Myers. Dr Ed Walsh showed a lot of courage by sticking his head over the parapet on this issue. Myers used his remarks in a column, and Dr Walsh got tarred with the same brush. Which just goes to show you how interersted in any issue Myers actually is. Not a whole lot.

He says he is "very, very sorry". He ought to be. Not for just for causing offence, but for killing debate. What an idiot.


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