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Friday, February 11, 2005

Mary O'Rourke to "celebrate women in stuggle" with Sinn Fein

Mary O'Rourke has always been a little quirky. She's well able to turn on the schoolmarm scowl and flatten any "bold boy" who dares disagree with her party's line, but I don't think that qualifies as "struggle". The only struggle that Mary has been involved in is getting out of the bath in time in the morning to catch all of Morning Ireland. She's speaking at Sinn Fein's centenary celebration conference on women in politics entitled ‘Unfinished Revolution – from Beijing to Newry’ ....
I think it's all a bit strange. As was clearly pointed out to Aonghus O'Snodaigh in the Dail on Violence Against Women day by FG and FF, Sinn Fein has no moral authority to speak on violence against women given the IRA's non-discrimatory atrocities the past.
I just find the image of Mary O'Rourke traipsing around Athlone in fatigues, waving revolutionary pamphlets before going to bed in a Che T-Shirt a stretch. It's all in aid of the 10th anniversary on the Beijing Declaration on women's rights - as a woman I was unaware that I was taking part in such a momentous revolution. But Mary's obviously been busy drinking tea and eating hang sandwiches in the struggle's HQ.



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