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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Just A Big Bag of Chips and a Burger to Go.....

Not if you're American.....Anti American attitudes were blamed for the "savage attack" on a number of Americans in Castlebar a few days ago. Des Bishop weighs in with his (very funny) Abrakebabra experience. (that said I think him flying around on the trolleys in Superquinn in Dundalk was funnier)
This is very sad reflection on the state of affairs between Ireland and the US.
The title " A Bag of Chips and a burger to go" is a line from a Saw Doctors song - "Chips" - my fav line from it is "it's just a big bag of chips and a burger to go, we've gone all post-modern or so they'd like us to think but it's still a sliced-pan and a carton of milk" - it always makes me smile.


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