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Monday, February 14, 2005

Give up yer auld Shinners - No Laughing Matter

Good headline for Brendan O'Connor's Sindo article on Sinn Fein becoming a laughing stock - their pretence at transparent involvement in democratic politics is thankfully being ridiculed.

Today's Morning Ireland interviewed Paula McCartney, the courageous sister of Robert who was brutally stabbed and died in Belfast 2 weeks ago.
This is well worth a listen - 72 people were in the bar at the time - no one saw anything, no one rang the police, no one rang an ambulance.
She alleges that members of the IRA carried this out.
Members of her family and Robert himself voted Sinn Fein.
NO SF people called to her family. She said they were "dismissive" of it.
"I thought the whole fighting for 30 years, was fighting for justice"....
Sinn Fein are telling people who saw anything to go to the priest. What planet are they on? A father is brutally murdered and they stand idly by as a republican community is intimidated into silence.
Justice? Human rights?
This is no laughing matter - if this is the kind of behaviour that SF alleges to be fitting for a political party with an interest in advancing the cause of an "Ireland of Equals", it's just pathetic.



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