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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things I Hate More than Sports

Are mainly things about people talking about sports.
Instead of studying I am becoming increasingly irritated at Tubridy Tonight.
Apparently Leinster vs Munster is a game where everyone is friends, they know each other very well, they’d die for each other on the pitch and there are 15 players against, well, 15. Shock, horror, someone mentioned hunger. The real life Ross O’Carroll-Kelly is wearing a pink shirt, apparently the Leinster supporters’ uniform.
Terrible is too small a word.
I hate sport – maybe it’s because I’m from Longford and we’ve never won anything at any level. My parish club won the county championship 2 years ago and it was like they’d won the world cup. There was a lorry up the town and all.
But I’ve remained above it all.
I didn’t realise the game tomorrow was a semi final, and when my former rugby playing sister informed me, I thought it was funny that 2 Irish teams were in the 6 nations. The sister, who no longer plays due to an unfortunate head injury incident, and still plays tag rugby in her actuary/corporate league thing now thinks I am fully certifiable. And she’s the one with the head injury. And plays tag rugby with other actuaries – self lobotomy sounds more interesting.
But I wallow in my ignorance. It’s blissful.
I simply can not understand sports and why anyone would be interested in them. Sure, they’re grand to look at for a while (sports, not male rugby players) but after a while it just bores me.
I have a mediocre collection of community games medals and the like for basketball and badminton. I could have more only I don’t have “the hunger”, according to my former PE teacher. This was illustrated acutely during a mixed doubles badminton game where I started arguing, as I’m wont to do, with my partner over where he should stand or something. The other team played on and scored several serves while we stood there arguing. They won. We kept fighting the whole way home.
My badminton partner, who also became my debating partner after we shared lifts all our lives to national school out the country (I didn’t go to national school in my small town and was vilified for it, but that’s another story) and fought all the time still blames me for this. He also thinks I don’t have enough hunger.
No I don’t. It was badminton for crying out loud.
And no, just because you argue with someone all the time doesn’t mean you secretly fancy him. I still hate his puny guts.

(Yes, I’m an embittered failed badminton Leinster finalist who has too much time on her hands, too much bile in her indignant common bile duct and too much study to do to be allowed near a blog)


Blogger Simon said...

And no, just because you argue with someone all the time doesn’t mean you secretly fancy him
Dahm you pre-emited me :)

maybe it’s because I’m from Longford
It is very possibly the answer :-)

April 22, 2006 11:14 p.m.  
Blogger Auds said...

Everytime I end up reminiscing about my badminton mixed doubles days, someone asks "where is he now?" and "do you still fancy him?"
It's so funny how we all seem to have internalised this hollywood romantic-comedy script and think that boy-girl arguing is sexual tension or something.
It's not in this case - he really annoyed me all the time.

I remember reading a review of a reprint of a dating book from the 50s in the Independent a while ago and one of the exercpts they used was about how to deal with men who argued with you - apparently you had to be wary of them ripping off your clothes mid-argument in a furious passion barely constrained by the verbal by-play.

I have argued with many men since and have yet to find myself in this akward situation, but am not giving up hope just yet.

April 22, 2006 11:22 p.m.  
Anonymous Sinéad said...

Where do you stand on snooker. I keep skiving off work to see how Ken Doherty and Ronnie O'Sullivan are doing.

Hope the exams are going ok, best of luck with the remainder.

April 24, 2006 3:36 p.m.  
Blogger Auds said...

I'm finished exams - so it's Dr Auds now! (Well hopefully - I didn't get pass/fail viva but will know for def on Thursday night!)

IN the interests of prudence I should probably not mention this in case I end up captured and tortured a la Jennifer Garner in Alias - but - watching snooker would be such efficient torture that I'd probably end up selling my granny.

Snooker and golf are unwatchable for me. I have been known though to brandish both sorts of clubs in an attempt to play, but have been invariably unsuccessful.

April 26, 2006 7:59 p.m.  

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