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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Blogger resigns because of plagiarism

Instapundit has a roundup of some of the blogs talking about Ben Domenech's resignation from the Washington Post over plagiarism.

I don't have any insights about this at all, apart from a comment at the end of instapundit's piece - Interestingly, it was Ben Domenech’s writing in the Old Media that got him in trouble, not his blogging. and Yes, those experienced, trained editors and fact-checkers missed the plagiarism that blog-readers caught.

The recent riots and blog awards have many bloggers navel gazing and soul searching about the impact of blogs on their own lives and on media in Ireland.
I don't really think about this much - I blog because I like to.
As for blogs replacing MSM in Ireland - that's never going to happen. You're always going to turn on the news or check out the opinion columnists to see what's happening.
Blogs will become more a part of the symbiosis of public discourse and private disclosure. And this is a good thing.

Insta's bitchy comment about the MSM editors missing the plagiarism is kind of irrelevant - Jason Blair did a pretty good spin of plagiarism and the New York Times remained none the wiser for way too long. But blogs are not perfect, simply because there is an interchange between writers and readers.
I think as bloggers, we can get carried away with the seeming brilliance to this medium, but the so-called citizen journalists, are citizens for a reason, and interested in journalism for another.

(one of my favourite things about blogger is that its spell checker suggests "blocker" for "blogger" and "bloc" for "blog". Hard to see blogs taking over the world at that rate!)


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