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Monday, March 20, 2006

That's 1 doctor who will not be doing my tummy tuck

It's probably safe to say that no doctor will be ever tucking my tummy, but Dr Rey, star of American TV show Dr 902010 will most definitely not be allowed near me.
He's interviewed in the
New York Times.
The producer says "We wanted to show a doctor who was younger, handsome, unashamed of being physically fit, a doctor who makes the whole surgical experience less stressful and happier for patients.'"

Dr Rey is a "cool doctor".....
When he is not doing martial arts routines or weight lifting in his signature black scrubs, he is consulting with patients while clad in a Versace suit, getting into his black Porsche or swimming with his wife and children in the pool of his Beverly Hills mansion. On the show he hugs his patients, calls them "sweetheart" and even tells them, after he has operated on their breasts, that they look "hot!"

Critics including Dr. Mark L. Jewell, the president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, say that Dr. Rey is a skilled surgeon, but his informal way with patients is inappropriate, even undignified, and the reality show gives viewers the impression that plastic surgery is a casual beauty treatment rather than a serious surgical procedure.

Skeptics in the medical profession question everything from Dr. Rey's bedside manner (on a recent show he advised a patient, after giving her breast implants, to "take care of these babies, I worked hard for them") to the way he rakishly wears a stethoscope — plastic surgeons seldom use one — draped around his Italian suit collars.

It's so funny to imagine an Irish doctor acting like this. To begin with he'd be slagged off to an inch of his life. He'd also be expected to be fully qualified if he was working in a public hospital. Apparently Dr Rey is not yet board certified becuase he didn't have time to do the exams - all that pre-op weight lifting would certainly cut into the CME time.


Blogger planetpotato said...

This is joey from Friends territory surely. I love the "that they look hot!!" line, classic.

March 21, 2006 7:44 a.m.  
Anonymous roof said...

Dr. REy seems to be a pleasant well qualitifyed specialist in his field. what he should do though is preform a facial op. on his ugly spoiled snob bitch wife and slip with the scapal and cut her throat. She is a mommmy's kid, doesn't work,has no love for him,she's a selfish bitch, that is of no use to anyone on this planet. I really feel sorry for this guy married to that fish lipped money hungry parasite.

April 22, 2009 4:25 a.m.  

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