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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Serendipity in the Fox Confessor’s Flood

Deagla left a comment yesterday evening asking me if I had read reviews of Neko Case’s new album. Well, I have (but thanks for the link, Deagla) – but I have also listened to it twice. When I came home this evening there was a package from amazon.
Initially I thought someone sent me a package from amazon for my birthday last week (if you haven’t, you know you really should).
But then the universe picked itself up and simultaneously flung its magnificent kismet making abilities into my postbox and mailbox (Outlook gives me positive outlook). Life has never seemed so alive. (Yes, I exaggerate, but things like this do seem brighter when you’re studying)
Neko Case’s new album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood AND the Subdudes’ new album Behind the Levee were in the box – I bought these weeks ago on pre-order.
I love Neko Case, and her Boyfriends, and her New Pornographers. And this album sounds really good. So far the best songs are probably Margeret vs Pauline, John Saw that Number, The Needle has Landed and A Widow’s Toast (bit short though). The title song is cool – I really don’t know what it’s about though – there’re foxes, floods, trees, marriage to orphan girls and somehow the death of civilisation precedes you. Despite having a superb voice Neko takes a little bit of listening to (I like to try and figure out lyrics first before cheating by looking at sleeve). Some are definitely for growing in to – Star Witness has good really good reviews – I don’t see the attraction (yet).
Waiting on your review now, Deagla. And anyone else who’s into Neko!
The Subdudes are happy music band from New Orleans who play Southern rock with a bluesy/gospel swing (and no drums). They’re happy in the same way the Jayhawks are. The first song “Papa Dukie & The Mud People” will wake me up in the morning. And I will be in a good mood. (Anyone who has ever seen/met/heard me in the morning probably won’t believe me – but it’s that kind of song. I will smile and greet people civilly tomorrow morning. )
And if you decide to buy me something from the similar to Neko Case album page on amazon, don’t. I have all the albums listed on that page. And on the “more results” page. Scary. (I feel I should end on brackets, just because I have a lot of them in the post).



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