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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Beckett Centenary Festival

The Beckett Centenary Festival seems to be getting into full swing next month.
Noticed on the website that RTE Radio are releasing an audio version of Molloy, Malone and The Unnameable.
I read Molloy when I was 15, in the summer after my Junior Certificate, armed with a list of what was considered the best Irish books in the Guiness Book of Irish Facts and Feats.
I had no idea was happening at any stage in the book. I had just finished Joyce's Ulysses, and while I didn't fully get it at the time, I at least knew what was happening from page to page (most of the time).
About halfway through Molloy, I decided to steer clear of English in university and never read a book ever again. While I returned to books, I never returned to Beckett's novels.
I am giggling at the thought of me listening to these 3 books in the car or on my iPod - I would probably kill myself in a bout of frustration.
I really enjoyed RTE's screening of Beckett's plays a few years ago. I can't access the website (, but I wonder will they screen them again. I used to have Waiting for Godot videoed but my sister recorded the OC over it.
The youth today....


Anonymous Alan said...

Hi Auds, BBC2 had their own production of Endgame, Stephen Rea was in it, that was a fairly good play

March 26, 2006 2:13 a.m.  

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