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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is the Religious Left Right and the Religious Right Wrong?

I don’t have a major problem with artists singing/ranting about their politics – if I did I would have about 2 albums, as my “politics” are not quite in line with say, Bright Eyes “When the President Talks to God”. (“patriotic” quote - When the president talks to God Are the conversations brief or long? Does he ask to rape our women's rights And send poor farm kids off to die? Does God suggest an oil hike When the president talks to God? Etc etc etc)
I just wonder will there be a similar polemic against Ray Nagin’s chats with God, where God specifically told him to create a chocolate, African-American oasis in New Orleans after God sent Hurricane Katrina as He was “mad at America... for being in Iraq under false pretences"
Blogs with interesting posts about this – La Shawn Barber and The Y Files.



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