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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope's Health

According to Sky News, the Pope is not well enough to make a trip to hospital. My day job is the study of medicine and from the patchy information released so far, low blood pressure and high temperature is very serious especially with his recent history of illness and weight loss - he is very sick - probably in septic shock and this will be very difficult to overcome.
It is doubtful that the Vatican will release a statement over night - it will probably be early morning.

Their correspondent says that many people are gathering outside and are very subdued.
I think most people who have been following this are not just subdued but sad - regardless of religious beliefs, the Pope has been one of the greatest forces for good over the last quarter century.
His strength and power of convinction shine through his weakened body. Many commentators have said that the Pope should resign with his illness and let someone else "run" the Church. This is a poor interpretation of the Pope's role in the Church and in the world- he is not a CEO or a micro-manager - he is the shephard, the spiritual leader of Catholics - his suffering and his courageous perserverance is possibly the greatest Christian witness any one man can give.


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