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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pope - Very Ill.

This blog has a friend in the Vatican who is saying that the Pope has died/very close to death and the announcement will be made when all the Cardinals arrive at St Peters.

I don't know what to make of this - he did receive the Last Rites and will not be hospitalised at the moment for a severe and sudden urinary tract infection.

UPDATE - This could be true - the Vatican has made very late statements - very unusual.
I have spent the last week in Rome and am just back in Ireland yesterday. I can't describe the emotion I felt standing in St Peter's yesterday, shielding my eyes from the midday sun, watching Johannes Paulus II, the only Pope I've ever known, struggle to speak - croaking helplessly into a microphone.
Sky - unconfirmed reports of Last Rites and also that Gemilli hosp are not preparing for an emergency admission.

UPDATE - 23.14 - I don't know how reliable the news is that the Pope has passed on, but our source is very much "in the know"
If he is dead - May the Lord have mercy on his soul
If he remains very ill - May he receive comfort in these difficult hours of suffering. In St Peter's Square yesterday a friend said that the closer one gets to God, it seems, the more one depends on God - this Pope has been long know for his charisma and articulate, multilingual oratory - in the last few days even the simple power of his voice has been stripped from him, leaving him more and more dependent on God. I also heard another friend in Rome describe Christianity as living and struggling for perfection in the world, falling all the time, but able to stand up secure in the knowledge that you're standing in God's arms. I sincerely hope and pray that the Pope feels this consolation in these hours.

UPDATE - 23.23 - The Cardinals have apparently all been called in to St Peters - this much is true though I can not find any reports on this. This could mean that either the Pope is very close to death or has died. He definitely is very very sick.


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