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Monday, March 21, 2005

Anti-Occupation/War Protests

Indymedia provides a few pictures of the anti-Iraq war and Palestine occupation march on Saturday in Dublin.
Unfortunately there aren't enough pictures of confused hand painted placards to giggle at but I am still bemused by this march and the sentiments behind it.
While I don't believe that Iraq is being occupied and that the news coming in from Iraq provides testament to the benefits of the Iraqi invasion, I respect some of the arguments against it. But I can't get my head around those who shout "end the occupation of Iraq" and then experience some kind of tic whereby every time they say "occupation" or "US" they are compelled to say "Palestine" too.
The Israeli-Palestine conflict is a complex issue and the line taken by these anti-occupation/war/US/Israel/capitalism/globalisation types (that all Arabs are so disgusted with Israel that they feel they have to become terrorists and give the US what it deserves) is not good enough and doesn't do analysis of either the Iraqi or the Palestinian situation any justice.

Twenty Major has a post on the Irish Palestine solidarity Campaign and their soccer match protests. His language is absolutely atrocious and takes from the point he's trying to make - basically that Jim Bowen, spokesperson for the IPSC has no interest in soccer and he wasn't aware that that the number 10 Israeli shirt, the one used in their poster, is Walid Badir's, a Palestine Arab and one of the most popular players in Israel.
You really don't need to read the whole post - the language is quite obscene.


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