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Monday, March 21, 2005

CDs, MP3s and stuff

Bernie at IrishEyes has a post on the difficulties of buying CDs that will rip to Mp3 and play in all the various players that most of us have these days.
Hopefully Bruce Springsteen's new album "Devils and Dust" which has a cool cover and will be released as a DualDisc (both CD and DVD on the 1 disc) won't have this problem. I get excited just thinking about this album - the Boss returning to his acousticy roots, in the vein of The Ghost of Tom Joad (my favourite album ever) and Nebraska. Roll on 26th April.

Filesharing/itune-ing has become a way of life for most people at this stage.
I downloaded "talk" by Coldplay thinking it was a b-side (I don't own a single single so I wouldn't know) but as it transpires it is an unfinished mix from their new album X and Y and now they won't release it as part of album because it's been leaked. Fair enough. It's a really good song - I was a little worried when I heard the name "X and Y" (fairly boring) and thought the album might be in the same boring vein - given Chris Martin's creativity in naming his daughter Apple, X and Y sounds too mundane in comparsion.


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