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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Schiavo - Ward Case redux

Anyone familiar with recent Irish constitutional jurisprudence will recognise that the Schiavo case in the US is a rerun of the Ward case here: a woman in a Post Vegatative State whose next of kin (in the Ward case, the woman's family, in the Schiavo case, the woman's separated husband) wants her to "die with dignity". In the Ward case, the hospice caring for the woman objected to this desire, since it involved starving her to death. In the Schiavo case the woman's family have the same problem.

The difference? The political reaction. In the US, politicians and pundits have reacted with dismay to the spectacle of a woman being slowly starved to death. Here, the starving and dehydration was not dwelt on, and only pro life groups and the aforementioned hospice reacted with the appropriate outrage. In the US, this saga has run and run for months; the issue was barely noticed.

It looks as though Terri Schiavo's husband will get his way. His wife has been denied food and water for over 100 hours now. The cultural left seem to think this is fine. It is actually barbaric, but at least there are still enough people to make a stand for life in that country. Unlike here.



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