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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Language of Media Bias

Biased BBC provide links to the BBC website discussing the unborn child and calling him/her a foetus when abortion is concerned but a baby when the mother wants the child like smoking effects on the unborn.

Media bias is not always a matter of time spent on one side of an issue versus the other, but of more subtle things like language.
David McWilliams is one of the few broadcasters in RTE that I'm aware of who demands more transparent language - yesterday on the Big Bite in a debate on pornography, Geraldine Moane, a professional feminist from UCD and a freedom from pornography campaign, called for sexually neutral porn based on sex based on negotiation - McWilliams asked the pertinent question - what is neutral sexual negotiation (it sounds awfully like the UN - perhaps that's what CEDAW is about!)....her stunned look before the fudge showed how empty these politically correct feminist niceties about language can be.
Also on the show, Mary O'Connor, RTE's favourite Irish sexpert, said porn is great for couples. I really wonder can the knowledge that your husband is turned on to you only by the image of an artificial airbrushed, one dimensional sexual plaything be empowering? She also said porn is a great and healthy way to live out your fantasties mentioning sexual domination and the like....have we learnt nothing from the child porn only satisfies for so long - especially porn based on creating sex outside of the context of human and interpersonal relationships. Violent porn won't contain violent sexual'll only keep them at bay until an opportunity to exploit a real woman comes along.



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