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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Amnesty Bashing

I just can't help myself.
From WSJ's Opinion Journal - Amnesty campaigned for the release of Ahmed Hikmat Shakir who is thought to be an al Qaeda operative who was involved in the USS Cole bombing as well as 9/11.
The article quotes Natan Sharansky (who is on Bush's "reading list") on the Guantanamo Bay-Gulag analogy - " Natan Sharanksy-a man who actually spent time as a Soviet political prisoner-described Amnesty's gulag analogy as 'typical, unfortunately,' for a group that refuses to distinguish 'between democracies where there are sometimes serious violations of human rights and dictatorships where no human rights exist at all.'"



Anonymous abhcoide said...

I'm sorry but I'm with Amnesty on this one. The beautiful thing about human rights is that they apply to people everywhere. While a Soviet political prison might be worse that kind of moral relativist argument does not warrant condoning torture, inhuman and degrading treatment which occurs elsewhere, even if perpetrated by the 'saintly' governments of the first world. Just remember human nature is the problem, democracies are not immune from a tendency to brutalise. Think of the Milgram experiment, we're virtually all capable of abuse. Evil is not something that happens 'out there' or in Nazi Germany, it's everywhere and it's a part of us, none of us are free from human error.

May 14, 2006 11:54 p.m.  

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